Highlights of 2005
was to fabricate and erect:
Wayband – Delecome (2000 square meters of warehouse)
Warrenmang Winery – Moonambel (1500 square meters of warehouse)
Torque Power – Wendouree (show room and warehouse)
Hip Pocket – Wendouree (2 shops and warehousing)
Late 2005 saw an increase in the size of our fabrication area from 45 sq meters to 270 sq meters – by leasing 50% of a larger factory


Highlights of 2006
was to fabricate and erect:
Motorcycle land – Wendouree (show room and workshop)
Boc Gas – Ballarat (show room and workshop)
Toll Transport– Melbourne (Large shade sail frame)
Stables – Clarks hill (stables, shedding and living quarters)


Highlights of 2007
In early 2007 we had four major projects to complete these were the St John of god warehouse, Coates hire in Ballarat, a 2000 sqm call centre in Gilles st Ballarat and a large factory in Maryborough which was the largest our company has done to date. we took over the other 50% of the building we were leasing. Now making our factory 540 sq meters to accommodate the larger works we where now doing,
Wayband – Delecome (2000 square meters of warehouse)
Warrenmang Winery – Moonambel (1500 square meters of warehouse)
Torque Power – Wendouree (show room and warehouse)
Hip Pocket – Wendouree (2 shops and warehousing)
In late 2007.the company purchased two blocks of land in Gregory st west to build a new factory anticipating growth turning around larger projects faster and supplying employee’s better facilities.


Highlights of 2008
Fabricate & Erect
2 factories – Wendouree (factoryette)
Sound retention compound – Golden Point for Ballarat Goldfeilds
Clarks Recycling facility – Wendouree (recycling facility)
5 Factoryettes builders close Wendouree (2 shops and warehousing)
Sound wall at Mt Helen for Ballarat Goldfeilds
MAS extension- Port Melbourne
2008 seen the company as a work safe finalist at the annual work safe awards being for the new panel connection system developed for a safer installation of structural steel to tilt panels.


Highlights of 2009
Fabricate & Erect
KKC recycling building (1000 Square meters)
Deakin University Geelong upgrade for Lyons Construction.
RTA & Leighton Construction Sydney – supply and erect 4 klm of Sound barriers
Vic Roads & Stocklands Stage one Gowanbrae sound barrier (2200 sqm) on Tullamarine freeway
2009 the company was a finalist at the engineering awards gaining recognition for the developments of the structural connection system. Late in this year David Allen entered the business and formed Manufacturing Steel Solutions.


Highlights of 2010
500 sqm Factory in Bacchus Marsh (supply fabricate and erect)
The new Ararat Police Station (structural steel and some metal work items)
38 Redland Drive (office and warehousing)
Sound barrier for crushing plant in Epping
Crown Casino re ferb and screens (structural steel and specialized metal products)
Vic Roads & Stocklands Stage Two Gowanbrae sound barrier (2200 sqm) on Tullamarine freeway
In between jobs the company was able to purchase and manufacture materials for the construction of 36 Gregory st west. Our new home once complete.


Highlights of 2011
Mt Riddley college
39 Redland drive (6 factoryettes)
Unit in Albert park
This year the company was feeling the impact of the GFC work was drying up. The Government stimulus and BER program work coming to completion. Business confidence in the market was low. Remaining positive it was clear that to remain competitive and survive diversification and restructure was required. The decision was made to research and develop all aspects of our business and continue with the construction of our new facility.


Highlights of 2012
2 Factoryettes
Patty’s Drive Delecombe
Cattle shed (proto type)
Factory for Windscreen Shop
Extension to
Mill Park Primary School
Crane installation
36 Gregory st west
Erect Peaches Fruit warehouse
in Wendouree
Complete CIP program
The company’s started investing heavily in the development of new products as it identified a need to change laying the foundations to future viability. While the outcome is still unknown at this point in time feed back has been exciting and positive.


Highlights of 2013
2 factoryettes Wendouree
36 Gregory st west Wendouree (1350 sqm warehouse 162 sqm office)
Tank referb and
install at PQ Australia
Development of new flooring system
Launch branding MarKarno pty ltd
2013 was the launch of MarKarno pty ltd This company was formed for marketing purposes following recommendations included in the CIP program completed the year before. The company’s continue with research and the development of new and innovative construction components.


Highlights of 2014
Extension to KKC
Recycling building Wendouree
China export/business opportunities
Move head office to NSW
Development of new concrete panels
Now that the company’s have developments of new innovations at different stages of development. MarKarno pty ltd made a trip to China to gain a feel for potential business opportunities. The outcome is the company’s are most certainly working in the right direction with these new innovations and the opportunities appear endless. Head office has been moved to NSW in anticipation of capturing market share on the eastern sea board starting manufacture and distribution points in Sydney, Melbourne and later Brisbane. With product developments thus far also seen the inclusion to develop environmentally friendly panels enabling a complete construction package being supplied by MarKarno pty ltd.


Highlights of 2015
Extension to Clarks Recycling
building Wendouree
Demolition work for Boral
- To be continued